Welcome to Taipei!

Meet new people, join fun activities, enjoy good food!


Prepaid tickets are entitled to join our raffle draw. Take home some Starbucks gift items and GCs this Christmas!

Enjoy a special executive dinner meal that includes steak, salad, seafood, pizza side dishes and bottomless soda / tea.

Optional activity. Bring a gift worth 200NT for exchange with others. New items only!

Dec. 22, 2015

Christmas 耶誕 Party

7:30 pm

This an exclusive Christmas event of Worthy American Retaurant.


Anyone may join this event for a minimum food order !


Executive Christmas dinner meal available at NT800.


Prepaid or pay on that day.



Complete registration must be submitted to reserve your seats.

Venue: Worthy American Restaurant

Address: 新北市板橋區介壽街20號

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